Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Mother's Day Celebration at Pearl Farm Resort

A week before Mother's Day, my sister and I planned to have a little surprise for our mama. Giving gifts or flowers is very common. We'd like to have it more special. So, we thought of celebrating it at Pearl Farm Resort. Browsing through a booking platform and checking for the availability seems to be a little difficult. Since I am living in Davao City, I went to Abreeza Mall to inquire. Alas! There's an available room, which is Samal House, for our planned date. 
It wasn't our first time here. My family and I celebrated Christmas at Pearl Farm eleven years ago. Haha! I was a little bit hesitant because my mama doesn't like to visit the same place twice. For her, it would be best to explore other places. Since we already have gone to almost all of the new resorts in Samal, we definitely pushed through this resort. It has been a decade since the last time we visited anyway. And a lot might have changed.

Day 1: Surprise on Election Day!
We chose to celebrate mother's day last May 13, 2019, a day after the actual Mother's Day celebration. You can always celebrate mother's day every day though. And yes! We celebrated mother's day on an election day! If we chose to celebrate it on the day itself, you think my mama would be surprised? Naaah. So, we woke up early in the morning and proceeded to the precinct. Exercise your right to suffrage! Good thing that our precinct is very near to our subdivision. It's just a walking distance. Anyway, after voting, we headed to Pearl Farm Marina. That's when the surprise was revealed. Hahaha!
It's 10:00 AM and it's boarding time! It would be an hour ride from the marina to the resort.

Hello Malipano Island!

Now, I can see the Pearl Farm Resort a little closer!


We arrived at eleven in the morning. The staff welcomed us with drinks and towel. The staff also oriented us about the place. The usual check-in time here is at 2 PM. I was glad that our room was ready and able to check-in early.  By the way, the room that we booked was Samal House. The interior design was changed. I loved it!


We put our bags and went out to the Maranao Restaurant to grab some lunch.


It was too hot to take a dip. So, my mama and I went back to our room and took a nap. Suddenly, one of the staff came and handed a gift to mothers. My mama received a Barquiron and a bracelet made from pearls. So sweet of you Pearl Farm Resort!

We planned to go on a swim at five; but unfortunately, we woke up at six. We went out not to swim but to have our dinner.

Day 2: Click and Splash!
We went out at seven am to go for a swim. Since breakfast is served, we chose to eat first. After eating, we jumped ahead to the pool and the beach too.

Going to Malipano Island was also in our mind, but we were unable to catch the first trip which is at 9 AM. We lost track of time. The second trip would be at 10 AM. However, we opted to stay since we do not want to be in a rush when we head back. Our boarding time back to the marina was at 1 PM. We still have time to take photos and relax before we checked-out.

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